July 21-27,1997.

Bolyai College, Eötvös University

Organizers: I. Csabai, J. Kertész and I. Kondor

Statistical physics has undergone a profound change during the last few decades. Its scope has widened tremendously and its concepts (e.g. scaling, fractal phenomena, self-organization, etc.) and methods have penetrated into a number of fields beyond the traditional boundaries of physics, like geology, meteorology, evolution, etc. In particular, problems in economics and finance have started to attract the interest of several research groups in statistical physics recently. This interdisciplinary field will soon have its own journal and it has been suggested as the subject of a separate section at the Paris STATPHYS Conference next year. Therefore we belive it is timely to organize a workshop devoted entirely to the emerging subject of econophysics, and to provide a forum where physicists and mathematicians could exchange ideas with economists and experts of finance.

The Workshop will take place at the Bolyai College of Eötvös University, Budapest, which can also provide accomodation for most of the participants. The participation fee including accomodation, half board and registration will be 72,000 Hungarian Forints (about USD 400) with a surcharge of 15,000 Forints (about USD 80) for single rooms. The number of single rooms is, however, limited, so they will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

Please bring this announcement to the attention of anyone you think may be interested.

Postal address:

Bolyai College
Amerikai ut. 96.
H-1145 Budapest



István Csabai, May 20, 1997.